Gabriel – Activity Chair with Stroller Base

More thanks to you and your entire organization.  A beautiful refurbished wheelchair, traveling  from Colorado to New York, then by boat to Uruguay, South America (where a dock strike kept it on the boat for almost a month), and finally by truck to Paraguay … has reached “home”.   Gabriel, having grown too heavy for his elderly  grandmother, his daytime caretaker to lift, had been confined to indoors.  This of course constricted his life even beyond his physical limitations.  There were many tears of joy when Gabriel sat in his chair for the first time.  The family is incalculably grateful, as am I.  What a wonderful concept.  And a follow through that surely not only makes disabled people’s lives better, but clearly must affect families so positively.  Warmest good wishes to you all!

Muriel – Adaptive Tricycle

I put in an application with Kids Mobility Network in I believe July or August, but they did not have a bike in stock for my daughter.  By December I had received a phone call stating that they had a bike for my daughter. They did contact me after they received our application to let me know how the process works, which I think is a GREAT way to work it! By December 25th my daughter with Down syndrome had a bike that she felt comfortable on. If it wasn’t for this program, I wouldn’t have been able to help my daughter in learning how to ride a bike and feel safe. This was a great thing for me being a single mother!  I just want to give a big shout out to Kids Mobility Network as they were just AWESOME  to work with! I will definitely contact them again when we need more specialized equipment. ❤

From the Mother of Two Children Served by Kids Mobility Network

I would like to thank you all for facilitating the delivery of the two walking aids for my boys.  I cannot thank you all enough.  Aidan and Asa are now part of our neighborhood children’s activities thanks to the walking aids. The other children even take turns to help them maneuver the aids on corners.  Asa particularly has taken to the aid very well and we joke that he will be an athlete in future as we have to practically run to keep up with him.  As you can imagine the aids have provided my boys an inclusion I had yearned for as a mother.  Praying blessings for you all!

David – Many pieces of DME provided in Africa

I am continually thankful to you for the work you do.  The equipment we received from Kids Mobility for David have really helped improve his life and prevent contractures. Over the years we’ve received a Tumble Forms corner chair, a Special Tomato MPS seat with floor base, a Convaid stroller, and a Bantam small stander. Many of the therapy centers in Kenya do not have the equipment David has, thanks to you and all those who worked to make it possible for the equipment sent to Kenya.

We recently passed on the corner chair to a therapy center that David goes to. This will continue to help many more kids with special needs.

From a Mother of a Child Served by Kids Mobility Network

Wow! There are no words great enough to describe this organization! They helped my daughter and expressed a Large amount of Love, concern and knowledge toward our case! I would highly recommend this incredible group! Thank You for all you do and continue to do, for kids! A++++++!

Devlin – Manual Wheelchair from Kids Mobility Network

It was a pleasure to meet you last week with my Grandson Devlin and his Mom. Devlin is back to school thanks to the wheelchair that we received at Kids Mobility. He would not be attending without it!!

I was very impressed with your organization. As I mentioned while we were there, we will be donating Devlin’s outgrown wheelchair, a positioning chair and perhaps a stander, so that other children can benefit from your program. I also received the information about the Fundraiser in July. We will plan on attending!!

Thanks again for helping my grandson!

Jagger – Adaptive Car Seat from Kids Mobility Network

I am writing to thank Kids Mobility Network for Jagger’s car seat. I have attached two pictures of our trip back to Georgia from Colorado with Jagger in his “new” car seat. Jagger managed to sit in it for 4 or more hours when before 30 min was about the max he could do in his old seat. I am so very grateful that such a wonderful organization exists. I tell everyone who asks about Kids Mobility Network and that they came to the rescue when we needed a very special seat for our angel.

Chloe – Gait Trainer from Kids Mobility Network

Chloe is doing great. As of this past Thanksgiving break, she has begun walking (independently) all over the house- something doctor’s told us they doubted would ever happen. Chloe has also very much enjoyed the bicycle that was donated to her from Ambucs, the organization that we met at the medical equipment expo last year. She can ride the bike all of the way around the block with very little assistance. She loves the freedom that the bike has offered her.

Thank you for all of the ways that you have helped us assist Chloe in achieving her potential! We’re excited to see what else she will be able to do.

Jake – Quickie Power Wheelchair from Kids Mobility Network

I just had to write a “quickie” thank you for the beautiful chair you so graciously gave to us today (ok, sorry for the corny pun)! Seriously, Jake is obviously so much more comfortable in his new chair and we’ve had lots of fun driving around, getting used to different things. The chair is great in our home – turns much better than his last one, fits in the bathroom and through the front door… all those things that you worry about.

I always try to make a new chair day a special day so we had some lunch out and wandered around a street fair, since the weather was cooperating. Jake handled the chair like a pro and is thoroughly enjoying his new ride.

If there is a way to pass our thanks along to the donor, I would be happy to write a note to them as well. But if not, thanks for putting together KMN – what a fabulous organization.

kidstestimonialSamantha – Gait trainer from Kids Mobility Network

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into all the mobility you are providing for kids.  The light in Sammie’s eyes as she is trying to walk fills our heart with so much joy it is running out our eyes.  Just to sit back and watch Sammie walking, is so awesome.  As Grandparents, we have watched her so many times longing to be walking and running with the other children, it used to crush our hearts.  We know this will be such a blessing in her life, as well as ours, thank you again.  We will be praying that God will touch your business and heart with many, many more success stories. Samantha enjoys running in the sprinklers with her new walker/gait trainer.

Thomas – Manual Wheelchairs from Kids Mobility Network

Our family is so thankful for Kids Mobility Network. Our son, Thomas, has severe hemophilia and has internal bleeding into his ankles, knees and hips from time to time. When that happens, Thomas is unable to walk. Other times he is completely self-mobile.

Thank Goodness for Kids Mobility Network. We are faced with a lifetime cap on our insurance and it is hard to justify using those precious healthcare dollars on a brand new wheelchair that we only use part-time. We need everyone of those dollars for Thomas’s lifesaving, buy very expensive medication.

Kids Mobility Network was able to provide us a wonderful manual wheelchair three years ago, and today is providing us another since Thomas has outgrown the first one. The staff is extremely friendly and professional – and do their best to find the right piece of equipment for Thomas.

I’ve recommended Kids Mobility Network to many of our friends in the chronically ill community – even friends in other parts of the country. I wish that more of them would take advantage of the services Kids Mobility Network has to offer.

Matthew – Power Wheelchair from Kids Mobility Network

We are so fortunate to have found Kids Mobility Network. Through Kids Mobility Network we were able to obtain for Matthew a motorized wheelchair, which allows him to more fully participate in community and family activities. He is able to ride his wheelchair while his friends ride their bikes. We are able to finally take family walks. Prior to receiving the chair, those things were difficult at best. He has a sense of independence that he’s never had before!

Emma – Rifton Pacer gait trainer from Kids Mobility Network

I just wanted to say thank you so much. She is really enjoying being able to walk around again. She can even go backwards in the carpet. All a parent wants is for there child to reach there full potential. She is so happy to have her walker, thanks so much. I’m spreading the word on you guys. I wish I could have afforded to donate more. I promise If I get rich you’ll be high on the list!

Tess – Adaptive tricycle from Kids Mobility Network

Special thanks to Kids Mobility Network. Tess is enjoying the bike and feels like a big kid! We have been blessed with good insurance and we still need help. I know what a struggle it is for families who just want to help their disabled child be a part of life. If every city had a Kids Mobility Network, our special needs kids wouldn’t just live, they would thrive!

From a Physical Therapist

Thank you so much for all you did to help Kian get a different stander. We went outside just yesterday and played kickball with his sister and he loved it! The family, his caregivers and his therapy team is so appreciative. Thanks for taking the time to help!!

Mackenzie – Wheelchair from Kids Mobility Network

Thank you so very much for the wheelchair! You are doing such a great thing for our children and we so much appreciate all your hard work!

Ruthie – Tilt-in-space Wheelchair from Kids Mobility Network

I really appreciate the chair that you gave me. You are a nice person. I feel like I am laying back. It is very comfortable. I really like the foot rest. My feet and legs do not hurt any more. Also, my teachers like the flexible side supports. I like them too. Thanks again!

From a Physical Therapist

He can independently push the wheelchair you got him. He is beginning to turn it by himself and getting really opinionated about where he wants to go. It is incredible and so is mom’s smile. Thank you!

Sam – Wheelchair and Lite Gait from Kids Mobility Network

We are grateful for all you have provided Sam! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sam loves his new wheelchair and we are so delighted with the Lite Gait. There aren’t even words to express it. Sam’s walking skills will rapidly increase as a result of this too. You have touched our lives in such a miraculous way.

William – Pony gait trainer from Kids Mobility Network

Thank you so much. We are thankful to you for your time, commitment, energy, and passion to help kiddos all over the area find ways to become more mobile and independent.

Juan – Tilt-in-space Wheelchair from Kids Mobility Network

Thank you so much for your determination in finding the perfect wheelchair for Juan! This will make such a difference in his life. You provide an amazing service!

From a school-based therapist for Ronnie – Wheelchair

Thank you so much for your help. Your time, concern, and donation of a wheelchair are much appreciated. The wheelchair is working out well and Ronnie’s mom is thrilled! I am excited about Kids Mobility Network. It is such a blessing to know an organization like this is finally out there! It is exciting to think of the lives that will be impacted by your organization.

From Grandparents of Sam – Stander from Kids Mobility Network

Thank you for all you’ve given Sam. And thanks for using your energy to make a difference in the lives of so many!

Reagan – Stander from Kids Mobility Network

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for helping us to get the Tumble Forms stander for Reagan. She uses it daily.

Ron – Wheelchair from Kids Mobility Network

Thank you so much for the chair! It is awesome and having it is a relief. Everyone is so happy. The chair is much more stable than his old one and wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t found you.

Ethan – Several pieces of Durable Medical Equipment from KMN

We are loving the equipment. His stander is his favorite. The gait trainer is at school and they really like it. The Wombat has been awesome. He loves it. He uses it for eating, coloring and hanging out. It is great for him to be at eye level. I didn’t realize how much he was missing out on before receiving this equipment.