Schools have an ever-changing need for durable medical equipment (DME). Kids Mobility Network provides a simple, cost-saving method of attaining the appropriate DME for students. We currently provide DME to dozens of school districts across Colorado and Wyoming.

Our school district customers enjoy rapid order fulfillment and immense savings. Because the equipment is either purchased new or reconditioned to the exact specifications, there is no difference in functionality when utilizing Kids Mobility Network as the primary DME provider. Furthermore, because inventory is in stock in our warehouse, school therapists enjoy visiting our warehouse to view the equipment and consider the wide variety of equipment from various manufacturers to fulfill their needs.

Download our School DME Program Flyer

New or Used Equipment – Our school DME program allows school districts to purchase both new and reconditioned DME at a deeply discounted price.  We currently offer a 25% discount on new equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • Drive
  • EasyStand
  • Ki Mobility
  • Leckey
  • Otto Bock
  • Rifton
  • Snug Seat / R82
  • Special Tomato
  • Wenzelite

Our process for used equipment is quite simple:

  • Kids Mobility maintains an inventory of various pieces of DME at our warehouse
  • The School District submits a quote request to Kids Mobility for Equipment
  • Kids Mobility provides a quote to the School District
  • The School District approves the quote and issues a Purchase Order or pays for the order with a credit card
  • Kids Mobility completes the order
  • Kids Mobility delivers the DME to the School District
  • Kids Mobility provides an invoice or receipt at time of delivery
  • The School District pays the invoice according to agreed-upon terms


Now using our DME Superstore you can view our inventory online. This system allows you to browse our inventory and purchase equipment.