Stories of our Kids

Below are just a few examples of how Kids Mobility Network has helped children in Colorado to attain the necessary durable medical equipment to safely access their community and enhance their lives.

Here’s a recent touching story on 9News about one of Kids Mobility Network’s friends.  Kids Mobility Network provided the wheelchair in the video.

While the situations differ, the results are the same!

Each child served at Kids Mobility Network has unique situations that limit their ability to attain the appropriate durable medical equipment.  Kids Mobility Network is changing the ending of their stories, however, and the children tell the entire story with their smiles!

Gait Trainer Placement

Djimon is an eight-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy.  He was recently adopted by his Aunt and Uncle.  He will soon be a Medicaid client, however, is waiting for approval.  Djimon had outgrown his previous gait trainer and was no longer able to enjoy the independence that such a device provides.

Kids Mobility Network provided a Bronco gait trainer for Djimon.  He now can safely play in the driveway with his siblings again.  His smile tells the story!

Gait Trainer Placement

Aidan is a two-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy.  His family is insured, but has a very high co-pay for durable medical equipment. Aidan’s therapist felt that it was time for him to get up on his feet and suggested a gait trainer that had extensive support to provide a safe environment for weight bearing.

Kids Mobility Network provided Aidan with a Rifton Pacer gait trainer with all supports. Aidan is now gaining greater trunk strength and has gained independence.  He has gained greater mobility, which allows him to better interact with his brothers.

Wheelchair Placement

Nicole is an adorable seven year old girl with Cerebral Palsy.  Nicole had outgrown her previous wheelchair.  The family turned to Kids Mobility Network.

Kids Mobility Network provided Nicole not only with the wheelchair pictured here, but also a very high-tech Mulholland gait trainer.

Wheelchair Placement

Ronnie is an eight-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy.  The family had extensive delays in getting approval for a new wheelchair from their primary health insurance carrier.  While working hard to get an approval, Ronnie outgrew his wheelchair and required a larger wheelchair for safety.  He went months without a wheelchair.

Kids Mobility Network provided Ronnie with a manual Quickie wheelchair.  After four months he received his new wheelchair and the family donated ths chair back to Kids Mobility Network for another child’s future benefit.

Ronnie’s mother wrote, “This chair is much more stable and wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t found Kids Mobility Network.”

Adaptive Tricycle Placement

Alex is a four-year-old boy with limited use and control of his legs.  His family requested a therapeutic tricycle to build strength in his legs and hips, and allow him to ride bikes with his sister.

Kids Mobility Network provided an adaptive tricycle that requires considerably less coordination than a traditional bicycle, which allows Alex to ride bikes with his sister, while increasing strength and coordination in his legs and hips.  It is important to note that Ronnie’s family donated the tricycle that Alex received.

Wheelchair Placement

Jesus is a twelve-year-old boy that lost his right leg to cancer.  His family has very limited options for helping their son.  The family is an undocumented family without health insurance.

Kids Mobility Network provided a manual Quickie wheelchair for the family at no cost to them.  The wheelchair provides Jesus the opportunity to get out of the house and independently access his community.

Do you know a child that can benefit?

Kids Mobility Network is dedicated to helping children attain the durable medical equipment that is so critical to their development.  If you know any child that requires additional durable medical equipment to advance his or her development, we want to help.

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