Who is eligible for receiving equipment under the program?

Kids Mobility Network’s mission is to help children attain greater safety, mobility and independence through appropriate complex rehab technology (CRT).  We feel that our children are our greatest resource as a community.  All children are eligible for services.

What CRT does Kids Mobility Network provide?

Kids Mobility Network provides a variety of CRT including manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, activity chairs, walkers, standers, adaptive bikes and other CRT.  While we focus on the above-mentioned items, we may very well have what you need.  We encourage you to include any items on your application.

How can I donate equipment to Kids Mobility Network?

You may drop your equipment at our warehouse in Centennial.  The best days to donate equipment are Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.  Other days are also available, but by appointment only.  We do not have the ability to pick up equipment at this time.

What is the process for attaining equipment?

Simply complete an application (get it here) and submit to our offices for review.  Directions for completing the application are provided with the application.  We have not rejected an applicant yet!  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

My child is covered under the Medicaid CES Waiver, can I use this to get equipment at Kids Mobility Network?

Yes.  We work closely with Colorado's CES Waiver program to provide a variety of equipment - especially therapeutic recreation equipment such as adaptive bikes, jog strollers and bike trailers.  We'll work with your community centered board (CCB) to help you get approvals for equipment.  Once we have the approval, we'll get everything ready for delivery and bill your CES waiver on your behalf.  Click here to learn more.

If I have insurance or Medicaid, do I still qualify?

Yes.  Many of our clients have insurance and/or Medicaid, but still can not attain the appropriate CRT for various reasons.  Sometimes co-pays are too high for the family to afford, benefits are exhausted, or sometimes insurance carriers deny certain equipment.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t impact your qualification.  We do ask that applicants go through their insurance and Medicaid channels first so that we can provide priority to those families that have fewer options.

I have been approved to receive CRT through my insurance, but it won’t arrive for months. Can Kids Mobility Network help me?

Yes.  Due to the nature of the insurance or Medicaid process, sometimes new equipment can take a long time to arrive and a need can be unmet for months.  Kids Mobility Network is a great resource for you to attain equipment until your new equipment arrives.  We work closely with many new CRT providers and in such a situation, these providers often will help to fit our equipment to your child as an interim solution.  Be sure to ask your CRT provider if they work with Kids Mobility Network.

Is reconditioned CRT safe?

The CRT provided by Kids Mobility Network is very safe.  Since children outgrow equipment rather quickly, we find that most of the equipment we receive is lightly used and in very good condition with just a few scratches!  Each piece of equipment placed by Kids Mobility Network goes through a rigorous reconditioning process and is sanitized, safety checked, then matched to the appropriate applicant.  Equipment is processed by a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).  Any piece of equipment that we receive that is deemed unsafe is disposed of immediately.

I know that CRT is very expensive, how much will this cost me?

CRT is very expensive, however, the equipment that we provide has been donated by families such as yours.  While we give away our equipment, our costs are the handling and reconditioning of the equipment, which is less expensive than purchasing DME, but still expensive to process.  We ask that families pay a small service fee to help us with the costs of operating our organization.  Kids Mobility Network is very expensive to operate with facility costs, reconditioning expenses, and processing expenses to name just a few.  The service fees are:

  • Miscellaneous CRT – $250
  • Activity Chair - $250
  • Walker or Gait Trainer – $250
  • Stander – $250
  • Manual Wheelchair – $250
  • Power Wheelchair – $600 (plus battery cost when necessary)
  • Adaptive Tricycle - Discounts up to 50%

At one time we offered scholarships to cover service fees for families that were unable to pay the service fee, however, we no longer have a partner funding this program.

I really support your cause, how can I make a donation?

Kids Mobility Network is a non-profit organization that operates on the generous donations of individuals and organizations. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Learn more about donating to Kids Mobility Network

Does Kids Mobility Network provide adaptive bikes and other therapeutic recreation equipment?

Yes, Kids Mobility Network is one of the USA's leading providers of therapeutic recreation equipment for children.  We have developed our therapeutic recreation program to utilize specific programs available in some states to capture funding to reduce and sometimes eliminate families' out of pocket expense.  To learn more visit our therapeutic recreation page.